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Utilization of full bridge converter with synchronous rectifier for electroplating

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This paper deals with utilization of full bridge converter with synchronous rectifier for electroplating. Main focus of the paper is on minimization of conduction losses. In paper the diode rectifier losses and synchronous rectifier losses and efficiency are compared. The experimental verifications show better efficiency of synchronous rectifier which is shown on graph and thermal images of both types of devices at the end of the paper.
Switching power supplies for electroplating processes are characterized by low output voltage (tens of volts), which is comparable to the voltage drop of rectifying elements and large current output (thousands of amps). Permissible output current ripple is
2-5% of the average current. Ripple of the output voltage is 1%. Significant losses are caused by current flow through semiconductor structure for required parameters.
The goal of research is minimizing the switching power supply losses using of synchronous rectifier. It is necessary to use a transistor with low resistance in the conducting state of structure. It is also necessary to select an appropriate topology of the synchronous rectifier circuit with respect to the number of transistors. Very important part of topology is control of MOSFET transistors, which enables the transistor to conduct current from zero voltage UDS. Commutation failure is not acceptable. The paper describes the issue of power supplies for electroplating processes, their activities and various topologies; control and principle of synchronous rectifier. It brings also experimental verification of the synchronous rectifier, efficiency comparison of switching power supply using a synchronous rectifier and a diode rectifier, where body diode of MOSFET transistor is used for rectification.[1]
Department of mechatronics and electronics, Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Zilina, Univerzitna (...)

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