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Model of integrated marketing communication of commercial bank - theoretical approach

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This article deals with the importance of integrated marketing communication (IMC), in more details with the theoretical model of IMC designed in accordance with the needs of any commercial bank. The goal of this article is to emphasize segmental orientation applied in communication models as well as the need to implement such important parameters as loyalty, customer satisfaction and its individual value (customer value).
Marketing communication and its integrated form can be considered as one of the most important factors of success of any commercial bank in current market environment.
On the one side - miscellaneousness of banking products and services, on the other their substitute value require specific communication forms with the target market /clients/ that help to transform just a potential client into a client with a high level of customer loyalty with a given bank. From any bank´s point of view, that kind of customer usually has a higher individual value then a fluctuate one. In accordance with the European Union´s ambitions to remove any restrictions in changing banks /financial, administration/ and cancellation of requirements to have a bank account in the same bank as any bank loan /the basic bank products/, improvement of on-line banking, as well as changes in customers ´ financial needs /especially from the point of view of value security of their wealth and requirements of complexity of customer´s financial needs/, increasing of individual financial sophistication, force commercial banks to reassess their actual product portfolios, increase their values from the customer´s point of view by additing additional services and realize effective communication with the target customer. (...)

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