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Success factors of mobile commerce adoption

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This paper investigates the issue of mobile commerce focusing success factors that influence its adoption. The purpose of this article is to analyze economic, social and other factors that drive new technology adoption. These factors seem to influence adoption differently. In this article there are m/commerce adopters characterized and divided into three categories based on various roles they play. There is also a hierarchy model of the mcommerce users’ requirements stated and m-commerce adoption factors in the existing literature showed.
Several independent studies have shown that m-commerce can have an important influence on business and society in future, because it promises many promising possibilities for a broad range of business sectors.
Many studies have aimed at identifying factors that relate to m-commerce adoption.
Individuals in diverse markets vary in adoption of m-commerce.
The critical success factors for m-commerce diffusion are directly related to the reasons that consumers use or not use mobile services along. Researchers and practitioners alike will benefit from knowing which factors influence the new technology adoption. [1,3]
2.1 M-commerce adopters
M-commerce users are more than just technology users. They are unique compared to adopters of traditional technologies. M-commerce adopters are usually part of a social network of people such as friends and family and this network usually influence an individual’s perceptions, opinions and actions. People usually recommend good services to each other and equally oppose and discourage unfavourable services to each other.
Therefore, the decision to adopt or reject a certain service is usually affected by others. [5]
Second, m-commerce users need to be subscribed to a mobile telephony service with a service provider. Only after becoming a mobile phone user, he or she can make a decision about becoming an m-commerce adopter. [5] (...)
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