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Radio system for monitoring and acquisition of data from traffic enforcement cameras - features and assumptions of the system

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Abstract: The study presents the architecture and selected functional assumptions of Radio System for Monitoring and Acquisition of Data from Traffic Enforcement Cameras (RSMAD). Ultimately, the system will be used for transmission and archiving image data of traffic offenses, but can also perform other duties related to traffic safety.
Implementation of the RSMAD system will facilitate, inter alia, issuing the fine process and supervision of the traffic enforcement cameras network on Polish territory. Data transmission will be implemented using the networks based on GSM, UMTS or TETRA systems, and through the Internet. The study also discusses some aspects concerning the structure of RSMAD system security.
Radio System for Monitoring and Acquisition of Data from Traffic Enforcement
Cameras will be an innovative, integrated, extensive information and communication system used primarily for transmission, archiving and exploring of data concerning traffic offenses. Furthermore, the system will be able to perform other duties with greater relevance to road safety. RSMAD is designed for the police and it is supposed to cover whole area of the country [1].
The concept of the system must be understood as a physical object, creating certain compact structure, in which we can distinguish some interrelations and relations.
RSMAD system aims to improve to work of the police and other authorities empowered to control traffic in the field of supervision and maintenance of traffic enforcement cameras (portable and stationary), supplied by various manufacturers and distributed throught the country. Above all, the implementation of the RSMAD system is to improve road safety by reducing the number of offenses and by that accidents. (...)

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