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Causes of failures in the track circuit and automatic train control operation

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In the rail system is widespread the numerical coded circuit blocking and continuous automatic train control system. The system uses the frequency channel, organized on the rail line. Depending on the type of traction, the carrier wave frequency is equal to 25 or 50 Hz. As the element base the electromagnetic relays are used. In consequence of the low liability and safety, this system does not meet the requirements for the modern train separation arrangements. The number of failures and malfunctions of the numerical automatic block signalling and automatic train control system is large enough. Most of them are caused by unstable operation in the process of ballast resistance changing and interference of the traction current.
At the moment, the high-speed trains’ traffic is rapidly developing. Therefore, the improvement of the interference resistance of the automatic train control system and reducing of the number of system failure is an important and unresolved issue.
The main causes of failures in the automatic train control system are shown in Figure 1. (...)

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