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For evacuation time from passenger ships

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The psychological aspect of this phenomenon and the problem of panic among the passenger is briefly discussed. Example of the analysis of the evacuation from passenger ship was done with taking into account the impact of choice of the direction of escape route.
One way to create more accurate methods to estimate the evacuation time is a detailed analysis and taking into consideration as many parameters that may affect the evacuation as possible. Parameters affecting the safe evacuation are under investigation in many centers in the country and abroad. To perform a proper analysis of evacuation time it is necessary to know the various areas of science. This comprehensive approach allows for more accurate estimation of evacuation time and taking into account the parameters that can affect the course of evacuation.
The phenomenon of "herding behavior" of people during evacuation is taking under consideration. Evacuation time is prolonged if the greater number of passengers are choosing the same path and direction of escape. Such situations are not rare, because people tend to behave collectively, willingly choose further direction on the basis of observing the actions of fellow passengers. Therefore, situations may occur when the most passengers evacuate by only one exit and block it, even though other exits are available. This phenomenon delays the evacuation and could create the panic. (...)

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