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Method of calculation of vibrating characteristics technical system

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When the movement of vessels of mixed navigation (river-sea), there are situations associated with a sharp change in the depth of the channel in which the impact effect on the propulsion system leads to a change in the state of the control object. On the river shoals and shallows of the water jet impact effect on the screw creates an effect that leads to the longitudinal and transverse vibrations of ship structures and elements. Sometimes the external pressures on the propulsion system may lead to partial or complete failure of the system, that is to bring the ship in an emergency condition.
An analysis of statistical data on the failure of the main elements of the Courts, shows that a large number of failures have diesel engines.In use of ship systems, operating at the different environmental conditions (temperature, moisture, pressure), are exposed to a variable mechanical(vibration, impacts, acceleration) and electrical (voltage, current) loads. Influence of the specified operational factors is exhibited in a deviation of the current values parameters from design values.
The refusals of elements of ship mechanisms can be shared on sudden and step-by-step. The sudden refusal happens at a jump modification of parameters, reasons which one can be mechanical and electrical loads superior acceptable values, availability of open manufacturing defects, mechanical damages of an element, maintenance error staff. Phasing refusal is the result of long-term operation and modification of parameters of an element up to values superior to values exceeding the permissible limits Phasing refusal is stipulated by two main factors: wear and aging. Mechanical wear and tear leads to a change of shape and surface details. Electric wear leads to a change in the parameters of the element of physical and chemical nature depending on the time and conditions of use. (...)

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