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Good practices transfer in logistic as a tool of streamlining city logistics

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Distribution of goods in the urban areas facing the problem of increasing congestion is a serious difficulty for the local authorities. This paper presents possible sources of best practices in city logistics for local governments, i.e. European projects, such as SUGAR.
OECD experts in their work ‘Knowledge Management in the Learning Society’ state that knowledge plays a pivotal role in economic development but it is difficult to gain and measure and remains unverified in many branches. Therefore, there are many definitions and interpretations of ‘knowledge’. From the economic point of view data, information and knowledge are a separate kind of economic goods and their usefulness is defined [8].
Knowledge is a collection of statements which describe the world we live in. Certainly the world is changed by new information. Information is a regularity that can be noticed in data describing space, time and energy and gaining it involves economic costs [8]. In this way we can see the process of transformation: data are changed into information and then into knowledge.
Undoubtedly, knowledge is becoming the basic source of an enterprise. That is why, the issue of knowledge transfer is extremely important nowadays as this knowledge is difficult to transfer. The term ‘knowledge transfer’ is not precisely defined. Knowledge transfer refers to (...)

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