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Sustainable development of West-Pomeranian region through radical modernization of inland shipping

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Analysing various trends of economical development in transition countries continues to be relevant after two decades of post-communism. Global financial crisis has only increased the problems of changes period. It is reflected both by business activity and population prosperity.

Therefore, the ex-communistic countries, including Poland, require constant research explaining a variety of the factors influencing their development. Most researchers analyse impacts of transformation policy on both financial and non- financial aspects such as social, ecological, and legislative priorities of community life.

Adding information for outlook policy formulation and implementation, these researches ignore the diversity of Polish development as ex-communistic economy. It specially concerns the West-Pomeranian region as one of the most advanced industrial zones of second half of XX century. The future of this region depends both on harmonisation of political, economic & social transformations and on precision of strategically solutions. On 28 March, the European Commission adopted a comprehensive strategy ("Transport 2050") for a competitive transport system that will increase mobility and remove major barriers in key areas such as fuel growth and employment. Special attention is given to the modal shift from road transport to rail and/or waterborne transport, including sea and Island shipping. (...)

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