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Crisis on transport demand

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The present Czech ruling coalition within the election campaign promised „programme of budget responsibility“ that has been fulfilled mostly by cuts of public expenses, public investment included, with the excessive emphasis on awareness of heavy indebtedness of the Greece economy and its consequences.
But the Czech Republic has been despite of introducing equal and relatively low taxation that lowered on the eve and in the initial stage of crisis in the balance of the state budget the incomes the position in the first third or in the mid of all Member states (states of euro area included) and therefore it does not need to cut expenses that could support sustainable growth and mainly employment- in accordance with all recommendations on the level EU. Due to the second assessment of the health of public finance from the beginning of this year, corrected in spring 2011 in prognosis of development of EU, the Czech Republic has been in the level of deficits of the state budgets together with the Slovenia on the 13th position within
EU, despite of decreased taxation in years 2006 - 2009 on the same position as to the rate of growth of the state debt and on the 6th position with the state debt as decisive indicator of assessment of health of state finance; swift actions toward Maastricht’s criteria have been based predominantly on cuts of spending that means postponed periods of faster economic development and employment to the future years after fully balanced budget, but much later.
1.2 Transport infrastructure as a source of funding general budget
The incomes from all taxation concerning especially road transport were more than twice as high as the part of state budget allocated in favour of transport and its infrastructure. The main effort to cover at least small part of investment deficits is oriented on further taxation of direct users of road infrastructure that at present is relatively very high too.
1.3 Changing economic milieu of transport
The strategy „Europa 2020“stressed the crucial importance of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) for further sustainable development and namely growth of employment.
It has been many times stated the decisive role of SMEs in the past period of fast development of the EU within 2000- 1st half of 2008- before indicative beginning of the financial crisis. There is supposed that after full implementation of ten groups of measures and actions from the Act of small business such development should repeat. (...)
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