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Key words: road transport, risk, hazard, assessment, safety, health protection, risk management, driver, working time, work specification

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Transport is a key factor in the development of nowadays society, which in itself is not an end but a means of economic development and a prerequisite to achieving social and regional cohesion. Rapid development of road transport is increasing the risks arising from the specific area of activity. Comprehensive improve safety at the beginning of the 21st century one of the most important tasks of any advanced country, and hence every responsible company. Statutory risk management and safety and health at work allows an employer or independent undertakings create an optimal relationship between economy and safety while respecting the employer's responsibility for safety.
Road transport is the principal mean of transport in the European Union for both passengers and goods.
Today, the European Union has almost one vehicle for every two residents, and road freight traffic represents more than two thirds of the total tonnage. European Union action focuses essentially on controlling the multiple costs of road transport. Transport development must comply with safety requirements as well as environmental protection. In addition, a number of aspects of transport are the subject of European regulation, whether this is competition between transport operators, access to the profession, working conditions or the technical standards of vehicles.
In spite of the progress achieved, the latest results of the fourth European survey of working conditions show that many workers in Europe continue to perceive that their jobs pose a threat to their health or safety. (...)

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