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The quality management system’s process model of the vehicle inspection stations

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Abstract: The article presents the methodological principles of the quality management system’s “process model” construction of the Vehicle Inspection Station, a general formula of this model and a concept of the quality assurance evaluation of the quality management system processes based on the example of vehicle inspection process.
Designing the quality management system (SZJ) relies on the systemic approach. The essence of this approach is intentional noticing the processes, which have their application in the quality management as well as sequence and interconnections between these processes defining the system creating framework of SZJ. This approach has, in the specialist literature, been called „process approach”, and the model built based on this approach has been named as “SZJ process model” [5]. An attempt to use such an approach has been made in modelling SZJ of the Vehicle Inspection Station (SKP).
An inspiration to presenting a process model of SZJ SKP was commencing the studies for the project run at the Motor Transport Institute entitled: „Studies and developing the quality management system model, increasing effectiveness of the motor vehicles technical inspections”. Inspection results of the SKP activities [7] showed essential negligence in the quality of the SKP functioning. This resulted in admitting to the operation on the public roads of the 185939 vehicles not complying with the Road Traffic Law [13]. Such a status quo has to raise serious worries as to the ensuring vehicle traffic safety on the public roads.It requires taking actions with respect to the quality management at SKP, as the vehicles technical inspections conducted by SKP serve an important role within a vehicle traffic safety ensuring system. To fulfil this most important role, the SKP must rigorously
and consistently present quality of the vehicle inspections conducted, which will not be a source of any doubts. (...)

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