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Proposals of unconventional thrusters applications for multi-mode ship propulsion abstract

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Unconventional thrusters have enhanced possibilities of direction oriented thrust generating, owing to the fact they are finding application as a propulsion of chosen ships. Unconventional thrusters allow possibilities of other applications like auxiliary propulsion (or emergency), bow or aft thrusters, antiheeling equipment. It is quested possibilities for other applications. In a practice, ships equipped with this propulsion system, give a crew an enhanced comfort of work during manoeuvring and even from that reason they are pleasant seen by ship crew. Forecasted development and rise of diesel-electric propulsion systems quantity would cause increased interest of unconventional thrusters. Ultimately they may revolutionize ship propulsion systems, especially multi-mode ships.
Nowadays design possibilities and technology allows to create new constructions and built unconventional marine thrusters. Together with the fabrication offer must go hand in hand the product follow-up advertising in the aim of its sell. A chance for increasing sell gives an extension possibility of their application and reason of necessity of their use. The main thrusters advantages are: a possibility of thrust generation in optional direction independent of ship position, force compensation of two thrusters - it allows work at switching on clutches, possibility of direction and thrust stepless change - it increases ship manoeuvrability. The important disadvantages are: lower efficiency of thruster in comparison to conventional propeller at nominal work parameters, increasing investment cost (new technology, thrusters duplication, more complicated construction), necessity of hull and shafting design changes [5]. Unconventional thrusters are sufficient attractive alternative in connection with tendency to increasing ship manoeuvrability
Jerzy HERDZIK, Faculty of Marine Engineering, Gdynia Maritime University
and its independency. They are more and more applied, especially where ship manoeuvrability is more important than fuel consumption and fuel costs. (...)

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