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Overhead contact line parameters measurement

This paper provides information about device for overhead contact line height and stagger measurement. This device was developed in Department of mechatronics and electronics, University of Žilina in collaboration with Railways Researched and Developed Institute in Vrútky. The device is determined for overhead contact line continuous measurement. The based measured parameters are overhead contact line height and stagger. The other measured parameters are evolved from optional GPS module. The data can be copied to MMC/SD card and they can be analyzed in PC. The special software for analyzing was created.
Device for overhead contact line height and stagger measurement prototype (Fig. 1) was developed for overhead contact line continuous measurement. The device is served for overhead contact line parameters measurement simplification and objectification. The device advantage is automatic data acquisition. The measured data are recorded to devices internal memory.
This device can be operating autonomous or it can be controlled from PC by special service software. All measured data from internal memory can be evaluated in evaluation software. The parameters observation is inspected based on railways technical norms in evaluation software. The measured data are displayed as graphs or table. If parameters were overrun, the values are graphically displayed or overrun table is generated by evaluation software. The measurement results can be printed as report for other peoples.
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