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Navigational aspects of maritime safety in offshore installations areas -windfarms

Article in short form presents some problems of maritime safety in such offshore installations as windfarms are. Some economic aspects of windfarms exploitation are shortly sketched at the beginnings. Next, such navigational issues as an identification, marking, boundaries and effects on routing are touched on by authors. The form of an article restricts authors to present only the main problems in a wide-ranging of subject such a maritime safety in windfarms is.
Artykuł w skrótowej formie porusza problem bezpieczeństwa żeglugi z rejonie instalacji offshore jakimi są farmy wiatrowe. We wstępie nakreślone są ekonomiczne aspekty eksploatacji farm wiatrowych; w dalszej części takie elementy nawigacyjnego bezpieczeństwa jak oznakowanie, strefy bezpieczeństwa, wpływ na środowisko oraz linie żeglugowe.
As commonly known, the total wind power resources available offshore are vast and should certainly be able to supply a significant proportion of electricity need in an economic manner. Several studies concluded that a large proportion of power could be supplied from offshore wind turbines.
Apart from various lobbying organizations, there are some oppositionists which indicating some conflicts of interest concerning: ship and air traffic, defense, fishing and special fauna species. Following them, some areas should definitively be excluded from consideration for use as offshore wind power stations at the pre-planning phase. These are e.g. major ship lanes, areas close to airports, oil & gas pipelines, cable routes, raw material deposits, military restricted areas and areas of importance in relation to fauna. (...)

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