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Development of container terminals in north-west region of russia

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Container terminals are developed very fast in North-West region of Russia. Transport strategy of the main city of the region has been developed in 2007. However decisions of the strategy should be developed further. Research in the field of container transportation have to be performed. In the article questions of transportlogistics complex operation and possibilities of it’s improvement are shown.
Within five years from now the vast majority of cargos around the world are expected to be сontainerized. This prediction can carry significant consequences on container handling processes in ports, as the pressure achieving greater flexibility with lower costs for customers is to be managed in an increasingly turbulent global trade environment (Parola et al. 2005).
Studies to date have shown that in the near future within transportation networks the attention will be paid into a great extent onto distribution hubs. It has been illustrated that the duration and variation of time spent at the nodes is notably higher than that of the time spent between the nodes. Nevertheless with regard to intermodal rail transport it has to be noted that speed and other interoperability considerations are still of great concern for the seamless utilization of infrastructure. The majority of works completed on internal processes of container terminals employ mathematical models, including heuristics techniques and simulation based approaches to address the best way of optimizing container handling procedures (Gunther, Today's situation of Russia is unique according to the position of its territory laying on the crossing of transport corridors. The routes providing shorten period of time of goods and passenger transportation run through the territory of Russia. The unique geopolitical position of north-west Russia being between the two most developed world regions - West
Europe and East Asia is of great importance. According to this fact the North-West region of Russia plays the leading role in supporting the European and Asian transportation and trading links.
The transportation net of the region had been formed within the long period of time.
It includes railroads, highways, inner water ways and pipelines. Railroad stations, sea and river ports, airports supply the work of the net.
The center of the region is Saint-Petersburg. North-West region is one of the biggest in
Russia, according to its area. It's is 1676.4 sq.km, 9.8% of Russian territory. In North-West region of Russia 13.437 mln of people are living. (...)


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