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Selected issues connected with lighting of pedestrian crossings

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In Poland, throughout many years invariably numerous accidents occur with the participation of pedestrians. One of the reasons of such a state of affairs is incorrect lighting of conflict areas dedicated to pedestrian traffic. The article deals with the problem of lighting of pedestrian crossings. The present paper enumerates formal requirements concerning pedestrian crossing lighting from the point of view of the norms applicable in Poland to date. Analysis of the criteria assumed for the assessment of lighting shall be conducted. Investment into road infrastructure research can contribute to the safety improvement of unprotected participants of road traffic.
Statistical analysis of accidents conducted by The National Police Headquarters [10] indicates a retained and very disadvantageous ratio of fatal road accidents. On Polish roads on average 5.5 thousand people die annually. Researches show that the highest number of accidents occur in built-up areas (about 70%) and the most frequent kind of accident is running over a pedestrian (about 30%). According to the data from annual reports, pedestrians constitute the second, as for the number, group of road accident casualties (that is
1852 fatalities in 2008). About 37% of all road accident casualties in Poland constitute the “unprotected” participants of road traffic. Special attention should be paid to this group because in contrast with road traffic participants travelling in cars, these people are not protected by the car body, they cannot count on the protection of air bags or safety belts.
In 2009, 12834 accidents with the participation of pedestrians were reported (29% of the total), in which 1477 persons died (32.3% of the total), and 12328 were injured (22% of the total). The majority of casualties were pedestrians whose behavior is often posing a great threat. In 2009 pedestrians caused 11.3% of incidents. In places accessible to pedestrian traffic (table 1) 8211 accidents were reported, which constitutes 64% of all accidents with the participation of pedestrians. 530 persons died (36.1% of the total number of killed pedestrians), 8320 persons were injured (69.2% of the total number of injured pedestrians). (...)


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