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EXCHAiNGE - The Supply Chainers’ Convention

Rodzaj wydarzenia: konferencja

Data rozpoczęcia: 2013-06-18

Data zakończenia: 2013-06-19

Miejsce konferencji: Frankfurt am Main, Hilton Frankfurt Airport


EXCHAiNGE – the name says it all: Exchange is both the content and objective of the new business conference based on the same successful blueprint as good supply chains: bringing together the world’s best. EXCHAiNGE is an initiative of PwC Management Consulting, the trade journal LOGISTIK HEUTE, the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISCM), Stuttgart-based software developer AEB, and the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM). It seeks to broaden the focus from specific disciplines such as logistics, purchasing, procurement, distribution, and production to encompass the entire supply chain.

The keynote speakers will be Prof. Christopher Tang of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a pioneering researcher in global supply chain management, retail operations, and social business operations; and Prof. David Simchi-Levi of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who will unveil a new worldwide study on supply chain risk management.

The conference emphasizes the implementation of business strategies and is aimed at decisionmakers in the industry who seek innovative, effective solutions for developing comprehensive value networks. As such, the event is of particular relevance to senior management from large and medium-sized enterprises. The program is designed to promote an active dialog between attendees and speakers and among the attendees themselves, facilitating network-building at the personal level.


The conference focuses on the following topics:

1. Tailored Supply Chain
2. Financial Supply Chain
3. Service Supply Chain
4. Tax-Optimized Supply Chain
5. Supply Chain Risk Management
6. Supply Chain Innovation Management

More info at: http://www.exchainge.de/index.php/en/

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